GCSE and IGCSE These are exams that replaced the Ordinary Level examinations, known as O Levels.
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Our team identifies your needs, explores the potential and supports the development and implementation of a strategy for grant awards.

A team of experts defines how you achieve and measure success.

Full Life-cycle Project Development 

We develop a comprehensive project portfolio for you and we maximize the value of your project portfolio management.

Project Management

We establish vision and deliverables and ensure that your project is well on track even before it has started, by allocating resources effectively. We focus on:

  • Evaluating projects using suitable and systematic methods
  • Planning of resources 
  • Performing a Cost Benefit Analysis 
  • Getting timely access to required information 
  • Preparing project reports on a regular basis

Plan - manage - deliver - close


Do the best out of your financial resources

Comprehensive Project Cost Management

Resource planning, Cost estimating, Cost budgeting, Cost control. Our experts determine resources, estimate and allocate the costs, make changes in the budget. 

Evaluation and Planning of resources

We establish indicators and measure/ monitor the project's financial performance on a  periodical basis. Step by step planning, forecast and execution.

Precise reporting

We meet your needs by accurate reporting in a timely manner always adhering to the set of rules and conditions.


Build up your Communication plan 

Invest in an effective dissemination strategy to have the audience be aware of your results. We help you build your plan and we identify for you the quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Communicate with your partners 

We help you to establish your quality standards of internal and external communication protocols. We help you distribute your project material to partners and to the third parties. 

Promote your achievements and raise awareness

Identify the proper and most suitable tools and methods for an effective dissemination activity based on a comprehensive Dissemination Action Plan (DAP). Make sure that project results reach the right target audiences.


IMS R&D experts implement a large number of projects in a variety of  fields and they  bring forth this experience and know-how specifically to new projects. 

EU programs such as European Territorial Cooperation Programs (Integer Cross Border Cooperation, ENPICBC Med, MED), LIFE & LIFE+, FP7, Erasmus+.

Senior members of the Organization include people with extensive experience and knowledge of educational and research thrives in Europe, who extend the framework of action and perspectives in the field of scientific development in educational, societal and environmental fields.




During the first year of its operation, IMS R&D participated in 44 proposals, under:


  • Erasmus+,
  • the Interreg Med Cooperation programme 2014-2020
  • Interreg Balkan Mediterranean programme
  • HORIZON2020


Its participation is mainly addressing societal and environmentalissues as well as scientific excellence in education. 



Motivation² + Talent = Success,  Erasmus+ project

IMS Private School participates as a partner in the implementation of the newly approved ERASMUS+ project ‘Motivation² + Talent = Success (an answer to diversity in education)’, acronym M²T=S.

The project was submitted for co-funding in March 2016 under the ERASMUS+ call of proposals/Strategic Partnerships for Schools only and will last for 3 years.

Erasmus + Logo

IMS students will actively be involved in the implementation of the project. Student exchange is foreseen, giving our students the opportunity to travel to one of the participating countries and try the new methodology, tools and material.

Lead Partner of the M²T=S project is Guldensporencollege 2 of Belgium, while the partnership also includes ZESPOL SZKOL OGOLNOKSZTALCACYCH NR 2 GIMNAZJUM NR 1 on behalf of Poland, Gymnazium Frantiska Martina Pelcla on behalf of the Czech Republic and IMS Private School on behalf of Cyprus.

The main aim of the project is to increase students' motivation by focusing on their talents, while the general objective is to empower teachers to develop and implement methods, approaches and tools for talent detection and talent development. The project implementation mainly concerns the development of good practices focusing on 5 types of learning: shared learning, diverse learning, critical learning, media literacy and 'life/professional' literacy, simultaneously targeting curricular and extra-curricular activities.

IMS Private School will participate in the development of specific methods for expanding its existing background in offering its academic programme within the framework of the project. At the same time we will invest on the benefits of exchanging good practices and on our students’ participation in shared learning at European level.

Adult Career Counselling - New Horizons Erasmus+ project

The IMS Research and Development Centre has joined forces in a project with Tribli Ltd of Ireland, DIE BERATER UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNGS GESELLSCHAFT MBH of Austria, DEFOIN Formacion para el Desarrollo y la Inserción of Spain, University of Thessaly Greece, Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service of the United Kingdom and CATRO BULGARIA EOOD, the latter being the lead partner.

The newly approved NEW HORIZONS project will last for 24 months and was submitted under the ERASMUS+ call of proposals/Strategic Partnerships.

Erasmus + Logo

Career counselling for increased employability and social integration of long term unemployed people, after disabling physical illness or injury is the topic of the project which deals with the needs of a very specific and at the same time heterogeneous target group - people who have acquired disability after an accident or illness. This is a field which is only recently receiving in-depth research at EU level. The foreseen activities combine personal career counselling, a special motivational Empower Yourself career kit, and coaching with online self-learning and group trainings with peers. The principal aim is to foster self-confidence and self-motivation, in the search of better quality jobs that ensure economic independence of the target group members. The activities envisioned in the project are corresponding to the priorities of the Paris declaration for inclusive education and training, combating discrimination and segregation of learners with disadvantaged background.

During the implementation of the project IMS students will have the opportunity to observe the progress, learn how a European project is run and be informed about current trends in adult education at European level.

Solving Logic Puzzles - eTwinning project

The project will attempt to  motivate students to expand their knowledge and field of interests related to logic and Maths. The main aim is for the students to obtain a new skill set in problem-solving and to establish the international cooperation of children. The project will also give our students the opportunity to interact with students from different countries (Greece, Belgium and Turkey), in order to develop their ability of interpersonal cooperation with students from other schools, obtain linguistic competence and the ability to work cooperatively respecting the views of others.


Green Leaf - eTwinning project

The Green Leaf project being coordinated by Turkey, focuses on a collaborative activity based on leaving a livable Earth for future generations. The activities foreseen include presentations held on the Schools premises to other students, putting into practice the information received and dissemination of information on environment and recycling.

The Schools educational concern is to offer its students environmental awareness, teach them recycling and inspire them to care for mother nature. IMS will continue to work on enriching its contribution to educational and societal related matters.

Green Leaf