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High Achievers 2

Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Our students achieve academic excellence at top level every year. Their outstanding performance at A Level and GCSE is recognised by Pearson (Edexcel) by awarding them with High Achiever Medals, in the annual ceremony held in December



Yaraslau Seriaha: Highest mark in Europe for International GCSE Further Pure Mathematics.

Yaraslava Dudkina: Highest mark in Europe for International Advanced Level History.

Elizaveta Mikhaylova: Highest mark in Cyprus for GCSE Russian.

Valentini Demetriou: Highest mark in the world for GCE Advanced Level Russian.


No awards were delivered due to the cancellation of the examinations, because of Covid 19.


No awards were delivered due to the cancellation of the examinations, because of Covid 19.


Charis GeorgiouHighest Mark in The World for International Advanced Level Mathematics

Rafail AlexandrouHighest Mark in the world for International Advanced Level Accounting

Daria Smolokurova: Highest Mark in Europe for International GCSE Further Mathematics

Ksenia Goncharenko: Highest Mark in Europe for GCSE Psychology

Stefan Andreou: Highest Mark in Cyprus for International GCSE English as a Second Language



Alex PhotiouHighest Mark in The World for GCSE Fine Art

Petros GeorgiouHighest Mark in Cyprus for International Advanced Level Physics

Aria Papadopoulou: Highest Mark in Europe for International GCSE Further Mathematics

Jakub Konopka: Highest Mark in Europe for GCE A Level Art

Lok Yi SiuHighest Mark in The World for International GCSE English Language

Ksenia PavlovaHighest Mark in The World for Edexcel GCSE Russian



Ioannis Demetriades: Highest Mark in Europe for International Advanced Level Physics

Margarita Pitsillidou: Highest Mark in Cyprus for International Advanced Level History

Charalampos Georgiou: Highest Mark in The World for International Advanced Level Mathematics

Axel Dobloug: Highest Mark in The World for International GCSE Mathematics

Myrsini Semeli Tsiarta: Highest Mark in The World for International GCSE Mathematics

Vladimir Nezvanov: Highest Mark in The World for International GCSE Mathematics

Ying Yuan Liu: Highest Mark in The World for Edexcel GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art

Georgia Hadjimichael: Highest Mark in The World for Edexcel GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art

Sofia Martin: Highest Mark in The World for Edexcel GCSE Russian

Your Future after IMS

“Seize the day”.  At IMS Private School you can have access to the best universities in the world. A combination of your hard work and our academic expertise will lead you to the university you desire. Being a graduate from a prestigious university, promises you a successful career in the field you aspire. Choose your target and we can help you reach your dream.

IMS ranks first in Cyprus in numbers of students studying at leading universities such as Stanford, ETH, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, LSE, Warwick, Bath, St Andrews and more. We are confident that these numbers will grow further with the development of IMS Private School. Key factors for this achievement are:

  • the solid academic background of applicants
  • their extensive preparation for additional university entrance tests
  • training for the interviews required for certain subjects and by some universities
  • strong support to students with their UCAS application.

IMS Private School is a UCAS School and as such provides all the services offered by UCAS for university applications, as well as extremely helpful guidance and advising to students during the course of their application. Our experienced careers adviser is constantly supporting our students in their choices for university studies and offers essential assistance in producing the best possible application package.

School Facilities

The school premises have been designed to satisfy the contemporary needs of a school and at the same time add a modern architectural note to the area where the school is situated. Built in the centre of the city, IMS is equipped with all that is needed to address the future of education.

The building is centrally air conditioned with electric external blinds, so that students and teachers spend their time at IMS in a comfortable environment, either in class or in the common areas.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive touch-screen boards with computer and internet connection, maximizing productivity during the lesson.

A science laboratory is fully equipped to satisfy the requirements of the practical element of GCSE and GCE examinations and give an added interest to the taught courses. The lab space includes specially designed laboratory working benches suitable for the simultaneous

conduct of fourteen (14) independent experiments (for 14 students or groups of students). Each working space is equipped with an independent LPG supply line, a tap with sink and adequate electricity sockets. The laboratory is fully equipped with all the necessary scientific devices, instruments and chemicals needed for basic and advanced experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Moreover, the lab space includes a storage room and is equipped with smoke and gas detectors, an interactive board, raised floor (according to international standards) and air conditioning.

A computer lab with latest generation hardware is indispensable for the computing courses but also useful for other subjects that require computer technology.  It is equipped with 16 desktop computers for students and another one for the teacher, connected to an interactive board. Latest software is installed on each of them enabling the user to have access to unlimited sources.

The fourth floor wholly hosts the theatre hall which is where lectures, presentations and exams take place. Featuring a projection system with connection to computer and writing tablet as well as a central sound system, it can satisfy the most demanding audience.

The ground floor hosts a friendly reception area, staff offices and a conference room as well as a cafeteria for students and teachers with indoor and outdoor sitting space.

Particular emphasis has been given in designing the building so that it comprises more than adequate washrooms and toilets, cleanliness being one of our main concerns.

Timetable and Extracurricular Activities


Freshness in all of our choices has also influenced our timetable arrangements. We have approached the timetable according to the needs of our senior student body. Experience from our afternoon curriculum has shown that 40-minute periods are not as productive as one hour sessions. Optimum teaching productivity and student concentration works best in the daily schedule outlined as follows:

Period Time
1 09:00 - 10:00
2 10:00 - 11:00
Break 11:00 - 11:30
3 11:30 - 12:30
4 12:30 - 13:30
5 13:30 - 14:30


A broad spectrum of exracurricular activities is offered to satisfy the enrichment acivities requirement of the IMS Diploma. These can be categorised in three main areas, each area followed by an indicative sample of activities.

Personal Development

  • Art School Society
  • Cyprus and International Academic Olympiads
  • ECDL
  • Formula 1 Club
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Photography
  • School chess championship
  • School football championship
  • School volleyball championship

Community Participation

  • Debate club
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Fundraising
  • Voluntary work in animal sanctuaries
  • School newspaper

Work Related Learning

  • Summer Work Experience Period
  • Junior Achievement Competition