The Organisation


IMS – RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE is a non-profit organization based in Limassol, with a view to scientific and innovative excellence. 

IMS R&D supports all technologies and services that have a positive life cycle impact on

  • Education and career planning
  • Social development issues
  • Environment

Since its establishment in 2015, IMS R&Dhas established a wealth of initiatives, which have made us a highly specialized organization in the following indicative fields of expertise.

Research & Innovation  

IMS R&D supports new research modules by applying new characteristics and approaches in non-traditional educational modules, social trends and mechanisms and advanced research.

The Centre’s circle of activity covers a range of fields such as Education, Social Sciences, Environmental Science and Technology, Ecology, Chemical Engineering, Marine Engineering.

Education and training

Conducts specific studies and research for the development of creative thinking and learning in teaching modules by assisting in applying complimentary areas of knowledge to specific subjects in the School.

In close cooperation and interaction with IMS Private School supports comprehensive learning and introduces experimental learning by studying the practical aspect of science in applied research.


Focuses on the development of an Academia - Industry portfolio that constitutes the basic parameter for the establishment of a career development and planning centre.

Along with IMS Private School, IMS R&D endorses on the development of new counselling modules to assist students through experimental learning.

Start-up assistance and guidance is provided to students supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in youth.

Employment and social inclusion

Endorses the implementation of certain principles and goals that support the definition of the educational identity in relation with the development of students’ personality and their participation in the labour market and the society in general.

European Identity

 Engages on a dialogue as a means for establishing a personal identity in the framework of European citizenship and a constantly changing world.