The IMS Approach

The IMS Approach

Accelerated 3-year programme

Students gain a year in their studies. Saving time increases motivation, drive and accelerates academic achievement. Reducing time does not mean sacrificing depth of study. Year 1 is devoted to GCSE (minimum six awards) and years 2 and 3 to A Level (AS and A2 respectively). The accelerated programme leads to four A Level awards, which exceeds the qualification requirement of British universities, providing an advantage to IMS students.

Unlimited subject choice

IMS students can choose any subject combination from a broad range of subjects. There are no restrictions that have to do with timetabling or with numbers of students choosing a particular subject. Even if only one student chooses a certain subject we are committed to offering it! Our aim is that every student makes the choice that best suits his abilities and career goals.

Extremely small teaching groups

It is one of our main concerns in developing a modern academic programme, to limit the numbers of students in our teaching groups between 1 and 12. This enables the teacher to focus on the needs of each individual student and provide the best possible support. It also helps establishing a close and friendly interactive relationship between students and teachers that is extremely beneficial in promoting academic excellence.

Quality in teaching

Expert teachers employ teaching methods that focus on the essence of concepts and not the rote acquisition of knowledge. Students are well prepared to cope with the challenges they will face at university by covering material in depth beyond the scope of the A Level syllabus. They are in addition given every support to do well in national and international academic Olympiads.

Use of touch-screen devices

Our educational programme is largely based on the use of devices (laptops or tablets) with a touch screen that accepts an electronic pen. This allows us to work paperless and progress much faster and more productively. During class time our students also see on their screens what the teacher projects on the interactive board and thus need to take no notes, devoting the whole of their time to understanding the material taught. This also allows the teacher to deliver a lot more material during a teaching period. After school students need to submit their work to the teacher through the online platform we use, allowing the teacher to assess their work, provide feedback, make corrections, spot their weak points and even mark their work. The teacher has therefore a detailed picture of the performance of the student throughout the year on a daily basis and students feel the need to be more organised in their work. 

Treating students like adults

Students work best when surrounded by like-minded peers and at IMS they find themselves surrounded by people sharing similar interests and goals. Establishing clear aims in conjunction with specialised teaching creates a mature educational environment in which a school uniform is needless, as it is at university.

No age requirement

The IMS programme is based on aptitude. We believe that a student's abilities should not be thwarted by age restrictions and accept qualified students of a range of ages to follow our programme.