Why IMS Selective

The traditional 4-year programme that is adopted by schools for decades is abandoned and instead we follow a three year programme leading to 5 GCSE and 4 A Level awards or 3 A level and two AS awards. Year 1 will be devoted to GCSE and years 2 and 3 to A Level (AS and A2 respectively). The Selective programme of IMS can be started at a range of ages. Ability is the criterion and not age. A student for example may embark on this programme at the age of 13 and commence his university studies at the age of 16.

The IMS Diploma will be awarded to all the students who successfully complete our three-year programme and will comprise the grades of the student in 4 A Levels or three A Levels and two AS Levels. This is a school leaving certificate that is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and satisfies the entrance requirements of even the most prestigious universities of the world. In addition to the IMS Diploma a student may receive the AQA Baccalaureate which is also an internationally recognised school leaving certificate, the English equivalent to the French Baccalaureate or the German Abitur. The AQA Baccalaureate award requires the student to opt for three A Level awards, AS in Critical thinking and the Extended Project Qualification which is also considered an AS award. Both qualifications require the student to participate in the Enrichment Activities programme of our school.

Entrance requirements

A student may enter year 1 of the Selective programme after being assessed on an entrance test and an interview as well as his performance in the schools previously attended. For entry into year 2 and year 3 the student’s performance at GCSE and AS respectively will be the criterion.